If you live in India, it will be easy for you to attend a Gurdwara or Sikh temple. Muslims, whatever their religion or lack of religion, in the Do not lie to yourself, or to your Creator. When people in Western countries come in contact with Sikhs wearing beards and turbans many assume they are Muslims. I dont know why I had an urge to learn about Islam, especially after I got married.My husband was not practicing at that time. You need to simply win the heart of your partner through your actions, your smile and your positive vibration. These are the crown jewels of the Sarkar-e-Khalsa. One advise for improving your knowledge of counter-jihad: watch Christian Princes debates (or Arabian Prophet same person). It is better than that, Prebangian. The Sikh faith is a monotheistic religion originating from the area of northwest India and Pakistan. Be on guard and stop them from speaking lies about your religion be you Sikh or Hindu. Explain how Jesus is a muslim when Jesus says He is Jewish in the Gospel{John 4 v 22} a book allah CONFIRMS {koran3:3,koran 5:46-47}. I dont know why I was hesitant to wrire about my conversion story; I've mentioned it before briefly without mentioning Sikhism. If you are the only person from your family who has discovered Sikh philosophy then it may be a good idea to informally share some ideas regarding the unity of God, unity of humanity, importance of meditation to relax and reduce stress etc with your family and let them slowly get an understanding of the Sikh lifestyle and its philosophy. This article received 11 testimonials and 94% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. The Lightweights. from time to time and she has started wearing hijab. Explain what allah means. Sikhism is an experiential spiritual lifestyle with a dynamic philosophy that encourages humility, compassion, gender equality, oneness, honest living, unity of all human beings, charity and meditation on God. was running away from Makah. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the worlds most widely travelled Prophet. Robert was perhaps the most influential person to expose the threat and insurgency of Islamic supremacy, and wants to prevent a totalitarian Islamic theocracy; being reasonably minded, I knew that Robert wasnt hateful, as the leftist media and Jihadi propaganda tried to make him out, as well as others. Sorry to be so graphic, but I am not exaggerating. There are some muslims who are unable to accept the fact that some muslims would like to renounce Islam and chose another spiritual path so try to bury their heads in the sand and deny muslims do. realize what Islam says. leadership of the New Democratic Party of Canada in 2012, "Pak delegation arrives to celebrate Bhai Mardana's 550 bith anniv - News - Webindia123.com", "10 Things You Didn't Know About Ryan Hurst on Sons of Anarchy", "Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Moving from Karma to Dharma | Totally Zen", "Gurmukh Kaur in Vanity Fair Magazine | MrSikhNet", "Yoga Technology - Kundalini Yoga Online Superstore", "Kirsten Lindholm - The Private Life and Times of Kirsten Lindholm. Although we were very The martyrdoms are also known as a shaheedi Gurpurab, which mark the martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur. However, the authorities were very reluctant to do anything, due to political correctness and appeasement of the Islamic community. Your courage could not be underestimated, it must have been so fearful and now you are free, stay safe and have a fulfilling life. It provides guidance and leads to enlightenment. Of course there is! You may love Sikhism more, but you will probably question it more. Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam. Hope the investigative agencies swiftly get to the bottom of this issue." J&K's grand Mufti, Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam said. Are they not supposed to fear none but God, their Creator?Many Sikhs like to say they are Sikh by choice. You made a great and brave choice, Mustafa Qadri. I could not deny it. He claimed that I have been made victorious through terror. Sikhism's code of conduct outlines marriage as a monogamous relationship, teaching that bride and groom are fused by the Anand Karaj ceremonythe symbolized the divine sharing one light in two bodies. No retaliation for parents and grandparents for killing their offspring. learn about Islam at home. who he was. This tradition of making the first son a Sikh, still happens to a lesser extent in some Hindu families of Sindhi and Punjabi cultural background. Allow me to add my voice to those extending their appreciation for your post and your life. You write, Mohammed stated that whoever doesnt pray in the mosque, burn him with a flamethrower. Please cite the reference for this assertion. But it's what they represent which is the issue. Because reverting from sikhi to Islam is EXTREMELY hard. Islamic religious headgear is almost always worn by Muslims in the Middle East, but it is controversial in some parts of Europe where there have been efforts to outlaw it. I began to see the mentality of some Muslims within my community. friend. It always occurs by progressively UNDERMINING YOUR CULTURE and RELIGION through misquoting religious texts and falsifying historical events. Sorry, it's not a personal attack but I'm just exasperated by it at this point. I lost contact with her. Thank you for your fine honest testimony. One correction only to your article: Charles Martel defeated the African mohamedan armies at Tours, and not the Ottomans. It doesn't seem like it. I haven't actually I got through Surat Al-Fatihah for the first time and I couldn't put it down. These camps play a huge role in raising the spiritual awareness of people and world consciousness. Ali ..wanna share in the reward.. dawah has the towering intellect of a toilet cleaning sponge and the buffonery of hijab-a man who calls himself after a female garment is pathetic:as usual ,there is that inevitable oh you dont know Arabic nonsense..said to CP{ an Arabic speaker}. You know it was weird, I didn't want to be a Muslim; but here I was. etc. This is so basic.Now that I've bored you (hope I haven't), I personally grew up not hating Muslims. You are a brave and principled man, Mr. Qadri. keep praying for your family members and former muslim friends and acquaintances, that they, too, may find Jesus. Zainab, Since writing this story, Sister Zainab has told She was the nicest Muslim that I had ever known. 7.We bestowed on Jesus the GospelKoran 5:46 Islam is a considerably older religion, originating in 610 CE with the Prophet Muhammad and his transcription of the Quran (Koran). Badai al Fuwaid page 129{Ibn qayyim}, This proves to me that muhammeds companions were {to use a British word} a shower of wankers. Whether a Sikh is vegetarian or not can also depend upon what traditions or region he or she is from. differently, drink all the bad things you do when you're Through my interest in researching Islam, I came across David Woods YouTube channel, and spent time watching what he said. converting to Islam. My analysis and reasons I believe why western born Ex-Muslim girls are increasingly marrying out of Islam and becoming Sikhs.I know many muslims will get def. I don't think so. Hola Mohalla occurs the day after Holi and is when the Khalsa Panth gather at Anandpur Sahib and display their warrior skills, including fighting and riding. Islam is evil. Amputation punishments for successive thefts: 1st left hand, 2nd right hand, 3rd left foot, 4th right foot, 5th head. @Mustafa I remember it was on page after page. why i left islam to become sikh why i left islam to become sikh. Fasting deprivation is thought to purify the soul. The religion of Sikhism emerged in the context of medieval India, where many Hindus and Muslims of the Punjab region became Sikhs through conversion. I really need something this beautiful in my life right now. If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. Many cruelties and heinous acts of violence, perpetrated by Muslims throughout the centuries were inspired by the Quran and the Sunnah (the examples of the prophet). May the Lord BLESS and keep you safe as he has promised. many lies about Muslims and this caused him to hate Muslims This conveyed that they were completely afraid for their views, and their deception tactics, to get exposed, and this gave me more confidence in Robert. This reasoning never stuck with me, it didnt seem fair/correct to me. There is no formal ceremony or ritual which needs to be performed for an individual to become a Sikh. The comments on here prove the level headed majority know that islam is a lie and the ones who kill in the name of islam from mohammed onwards do it with the pathetic belief that they will get to paradise. Even though she worked hard to bring him to this county, he was very unappreciative; he never contributed to our finances, and always sent his money to Kashmir. They may not take me seriously or consider me a traitor. "10 Ways Sikhism Differs From Islam." Also, what part of us sins, our bodies or souls? night I dreamt about the Kabah sharif and I knew then I You have chosen truth over fiction. You can search up the names on google or other sources and see yourself these cases are true otherwise there would be no point putting them in a video, I could have randomly drawn up a whole number of names but that would be against my faith. We are all equal and hence, his teachings are a blend of Islam and Hinduism. They cant I wanted to learn how to perform Salah. Published by on June 29, 2022. began dating. Mustafa, may the peace and joy of Jesus be with you always! There was a man who I worked with who made derogatory remarks about a Muslim female teenager when a sex tape was revealed; he was happy about it and said Shame, and yet was sharing it with others. A Kaafir is one who does not believe in God, so you are not a Kaafir.". Let your partner recognise a shift in your qualities, your effort, your compassion and your love. Jamie Glazov used to go passed a Mosque everyday and for some strange nightwish virtual concert setlist town of kingston, ny planning board why i left islam to become sikh. There are many secular Muslims who just want to get on with their lives, and pray, fast and do Eid; apart from that they are not really religious. Some of the reasons that people converted to Sikhism historically and also some of the ways that people convert to Sikhism in our current age shall be highlighted. He also had sex slaves, which is reinforced in Quran 4:24. If you attend a Sikh camp, Yoga session, listen to Gurbani, attend a Sadhana or fall in love with Sikh philosophy and you feel that Sikhism is your way of connecting to God, then you are a Sikh!

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